A Reminder That You Are Divine…

Once in a while a book comes along that offers real hope for those searching for spiritual growth. This book was written without pre-conception directly from the worlds of spirit.

The information reveals that twelve higher divine parts of you steer and guide you carefully and deliberately.

This exquisite coffee-table book unveils a profound secret – that your human self is NOT alone. That you are being supported from above, and that amazingly you can merge with and BECOME these twelve divine aspects of your Self.

This beautiful reflective book is a road map for your soul evolution.

Alicia Power

After 40 years of mentoring individuals in spiritual development, Alicia Power is a successful international Soul Coach with over 50,000 Twitter followers and over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube (1 million views!).

Her spiritual coaching seminars, books and videos are sought after for their simple perspective on love, god – and the spirit world.

Alicia brings a unique quality to her training: understanding through direct experience.

Her courses include “Soul Workout”, a free 6 month video training; “Seven Week Guide To Your Soul” – available soon on the popular e-publisher DailyOm.com ; “Psychic Scan”, a dating guide for women; “Life Keys”, a 6 month training in States of Consciousness; “Ultimate Empowerment”, an advanced audio course; “Secrets Of Each Soul’s Eternal Journey”, a 1 hour lecture revealing many unknown truths about the human soul and other informative audios. Plus many published articles for blogs (including FinerMinds.com) and lifestyle magazines.



Imagine having such an inspiring book on your coffee table!
The full-page exquisite color fractal images on each page are not only astoundingly gorgeous, they also provide a resonance of love, through the magical sacred geometry they portray.
Each page awakens a new relationship with a divine “Self” – that if called on, can support you and help you evolve.
This precious book is available within Australia at  AUD$18 + shipping.
And internationally AUD$19.99 plus shipping.
You will LOVE exploring your 12 Divine Selves…

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This book is different! It has few, easy-to-follow words and straight to the point signposts and explanations. The text points you toward your self in all your multi-layered inter-dimensional glorious forms and provides, with ultimate simplicity, a way to access them.– Kirien Withers, Director Spa Spirit and Spa Guru Consulting www.spaguru.com.au

This book encourages the reader to deeply engage with their own sacred Self and discover their own realizations. It speaks less to the thinking mind and more to the heart. It is a book to journey with for those on the road to self-discovery.– Lilly Kitchen, Spiritual Teacher, and Energy Healer

A book of integrated magnificence. This book will allow you to remember the vision and feeling of being...... The images and prose melt into your heart and sing to you a reminder of who you are, and what your heart desires.– Scott Hardie, Master Coach www.coachingmbs.com